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Tiger Woods Once Ended the GOAT Debate With a Powerful Statement: ‘You Have to Be Able to Say You’ve Played in So Many Different Eras, and I Have’



Tiger Woods is probably the biggest name in the sport of golf. GOAT arguments are common in all sports. However, Woods has a different perspective to his debate upon who is the greatest golfer of all time.

Recently, he spoke about the criteria for deciding who is the best ever.

Tiger Woods’s criteria for deciding who is the best?

Woods has probably made more contributions to the sport of golf than any other professional. He presumably has one of the most beautiful golf swings with an immaculate short game and is a great ball striker. Tiger is also a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame and a former world number one. GOAT, as he is often referred to is famous for his “Club Twirls”.

tiger and jack

The American professional spoke to TIME before his 40th birthday, last year. He spoke about that are the criteria for defining who is the best ever? Tiger said, “You can’t compare eras. You really can’t. It’s like, O.K., who’s the better [pro basketball] center: Bill Russell or Shaq? You just can’t say who was the best because the game has changed so much. Jack crossed so many eras because he played for so long, and he was in contention for so long.”


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He added, “The same could be said for Sam Snead. How many eras did he play through? He ended up winning, what, at 54, when he won at Greensboro? I think you have to be able to say you’ve played in so many different eras, and I have.

Tiger Woods equals Sam Snead’s record

Woods won the 2019 ZOZO Championship, as a result of winning his 82nd PGA Tour title, he equaled Sam Snead’s record for most PGA Tour victories with 82 wins.

Will Tiger break Jacks’ record for most major wins?