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‘They Crucified Me’: When Tiger Woods Opened Up About the Unfair Treatment He Receives From the Media



The media is an unavoidable part of celebrity life. Although they can make your career, sometimes they can break it as well. As a well-known sports entity, Tiger Woods is known to have a love-hate relationship with the media.

Because of his success at the Amateur level, Tiger was a favorite of the press. The media celebrated his debut year by naming him Sports Illustrated’s ‘Sportsman of the Year.’ However, he was scrutinized by one of the famous sports reporters, Curtis Strange, for being “over-confident” in the same year.

Woods’ personal life was not so private as the media followed him and his wife everywhere. Notably, this fame led him to gain many endorsements.


However, with all good comes some bad, and Tiger faced the wrath of being in the limelight, a little too much.

What does Tiger Woods think of all the media attention he received?


It is easy to evaluate than to actually live it. Although we might conclude that media affected his life completely, does Tiger think the same?

In an interview, Tiger explained his relationship with the media. Woods said that he always attended the press meeting. He tried not to miss them after every tournament. However, when he didn’t do the press one time, they scrutinized him.

“I went through a stretch, I think it was eight years ago, where I never missed a post-round interview. And the first time I did, they crucified me,” Woods said.

Tiger woods

He added, “No matter what I shot, I always did a post-round interview. I did that for like eight years in a row, every round I played in, and when I don’t do it, they just killed me for it.”

Tiger said, “How many guys get a pass for shooting a bad round?” He explained that when he does anything wrong, the media used to put a black mark on him. However, when others do it, they don’t mind it.

While Tiger’s media attention is the reason for golf’s popularity and global fandom, for him, it’s not all been glitter and gold. What are your thoughts on Tiger’s comments about the media?