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LeBron James matches Lakers’ record held by Kobe, Shaq and Baylor



LeBron James might be 37 years old but he is still making history

LeBron James has always been great but this season with the Lakers has been one of the most prolific of his entire professional career. Even though Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony finally showed up for the team against the Orlando Magic, James keeps on dropping scary numbers. Tonight, he matched a record that only three Lakers before him got in NBA history. Those Lakers’ legends are none other than Shaquille O’Neal, Elgin Baylor and the late great Kobe Bryant. As far as the record goes, it’s actually far more impressive than many of the recent ones he’s achieved throughout the season. With his 29 points tonight, LeBron became the fourth Laker in history to score 25+ points in 16 straight regular season games

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LeBron repeats his backwards dunk.
Just by looking at the way he’s been conducting himself inside the court, you can tell LeBron James is thoroughly enjoying his season on a personal level. The fact that the Lakers won tonight made him enjoy this milestone even more but there was a key moment for him that made the internet go completely wild. During the Lakers’ most recent game against the Indiana Pacers, James made a backwards dunk that he didn’t fully enjoy because his team lost. But today, he did the exact same dunk on a good day and fans went completely crazy online. There’s no reason to believe James won’t continue delivering performances like this one.

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Sunday should be an interesting one for James as he will visit Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat. Every time he plays against them, memories of the 2020 championship he won with the Lakers come to him. LeBron always gets inspired and next Sunday should be no different. Will he manage to break the record he matched tonight and surpass those three Lakers’ greats? Chances are he will continue playing at this level until the end of the season. However, getting to the Playoffs with the team’s current 23-23 record is an entirely different story.