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Lakers star LeBron James reveals shocking reason why he snubbed media after Nuggets blowout



LeBron James’ frustration boiled over on Saturday after the Los Angeles Lakers were on the receiving end of an embarrassing demolition job courtesy of the Denver Nuggets. After being blown out by no less than 37 points, LeBron decided to skip his post-game press conference — something that is a very uncommon occurrence for the Lakers superstar.

LeBron has now spoken out about the incident as he shared the shocking reason behind his decision to snub the media after the Nuggets loss:

“I didn’t like what was going to come out of my mouth,” James said on Monday, via Dan Woike of the Los Angeles Times. “So I decided not to speak with you guys.”

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James has always been very cordial with the media and he’s built a reputation of being a well-spoken individual whenever he faces the press. The Lakers star knew that this wasn’t going to be the case on Saturday, which is why he decided to skip the media session altogether. Clearly, LeBron was incensed after his team’s horrid performance against Denver and he opted not to speak his mind. As they always say, if you have nothing good to say then it’s best to keep your mouth shut. This was exactly the case for the four-time league MVP on Saturday night.

To be fair, LeBron did go on Twitter to apologize to the fans. He did not apologize for snubbing the media but he shared his heartfelt regret for not being able to live up to the lofty expectations of Lakers supporters


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“We just weren’t playing to our capabilities and we weren’t giving maximum effort,” James said. “So that starts with me as the leader of the team, and so just taking the onus and letting Laker Nation know. Wasn’t about anybody, it was about our fans and the people that ride and die with us every single day. Let them know that I got this and it wouldn’t happen again.”

LeBron and Co. bounced back in a major way on Monday as they took down the Utah Jazz in a thrilling encounter, 101-95. The Lakers return to action on Wednesday against the Indiana Pacers as they hope to make it back-to-back wins.

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