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What are the Connections Between Tiger Woods and Las Vegas Raiders? Here’s What We Know



Over the course of his illustrious career, Tiger Woods has amassed an enormous and loyal fanbase. And due to being in the constant spotlight, there isn’t much that fans don’t know about him. However, there are some things that his followers just have to speculate about.

So when the question of his favourite NFL team arises, while no concrete answer, here are some pretty solid evidence to prove that his loyalties lie towards the Las Vegas Raiders.


Tiger Woods, ever since his scintillating start on the global level in 1996, has not only stunned us with his performances but has also become a darling of the sports world. So, everything there is to know about him, people love to know. And when you talk about his likes and dislikes while combining them with another fan favourite, football, it’s no shocker that people are interested!

Which is Tiger Woods’ favourite NFL team?
In 2014, Tiger made an appearance at the Coliseum when the Oakland Raiders hosted the San Diego Chargers. His typical Sunday red was replaced by black. However, the colour made much more sense as he made sure to pass by the and pose at the ‘Black Hole’, the raider’s stands, showing his support.


Next, in 2017, when Woods was sitting out on the sidelines due to a recurring bout of back problems, he posted a picture to reveal what was keeping him busy; a pool table. However, that’s not what it was about. Instead of the usual green cloth, a brand new silver and black Raiders cloth was adorning the table. This definitely proves it, right?


Meanwhile, in 2017, Woods was present at the U.S. Open at Flushing Meadows, watching Rafael Nadal. With both men Nike supporters, it was quite surprising for Tiger to be sporting a Raiders cap! And this is not the first time. In another Christmas post of his, he was seen wearing a black cap.

Do you think this is enough evidence to prove his favourite team?