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‘My Wife Had a Very Public and Difficult Pregnancy’: Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis on the Importance of Paternity Leave



40-year-old tennis megastar Serena Williams has had quite an illustrious career. In 2017, after the birth of her daughter Olympia, Serena became the supermom that the internet knows and loves today.

After giving birth, Serena took 8 months off from the sport. Her maternity leave helped her get away from the hectic tour and focus on family life and her daughter. In fact, her husband and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, too, became a vocal advocate for paid paternity leave as well.

Recently, Alexis spoke to CNN about how he took paternity leave, and how it changed his entire outlook on the issue

Her ‘public’ pregnancy was difficult for Serena Williams and her husband
Speaking to CNN, Alexis Ohanian discussed how difficult Serena Williams‘ pregnancy was for the family. When asked about how taking paternity leave helped improve his marriage, the 38-YO acknowledged that a child upends a couple’s life.

serena and husband

Even though they do not carry a child themselves, Alexis Ohanian rightly believes “there is a role for men to play”. Thus, taking paternity leave “lets you be there for your partner,” he added. According to the new-age entrepreneur, paternity leaves allows men to support their partners emotionally and physically.


Ohanian recalled how difficult a time it was for the family when Serena Williams gave birth. Despite having “tremendous access and privilege and support”, Serena’s surgeries put the couple through a tough time.

It was in this situation that taking paternity leave helped the successful invester spend time with his wife and newborn. Moreover, Ohanian also explained how the birth of a child requires careful reworking in a couple’s life.


Thus, paternity leave lets both parents “get a little bit more time to spend together, (and) to be supportive”. It “goes a long way for relationships” when it also allows for partners to be together after the birth of their child.

Paternity leave helped Alexis Ohanian become a more confident father
Admittedly, Alexis Ohanian never had any younger siblings, nor had he been around babies. It was only after Olympia‘s birth that he experienced the beautiful feeling and welcomed fatherhood.

“Paternity leave is how I got confident being around kids,” Ohanian said. This was because he “got to spend that time learning and making mistakes”.