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Naughty Kid: Tiger Woods Goofs Around on the Driving Range With Butch Harmon



It is hard to define golf without mentioning Tiger Woods; he brought a different light to the sport.

The legend has won 82 times at the PGA Tour, including the five Masters Tournaments, four PGA Championships, three US Open Championships, and three Open Championships. Woods and Sam Snead share the record for most wins in history.

Although he is loved by many, there are some with whom he couldn’t get on very well. Phil Mickelson, and Butch Harmon- Woods’ former coach, are some of those few.

Phil Mickelson and Tiger agreed to put their differences behind them and are now great friends. Meanwhile, Butch Harmon and Tiger have still yet to reconcile.

tiger wood g

Even though Harmon comments about Tiger in his interviews, Woods doesn’t necessarily talk about him.


But it was not always like this. In his 11 years working with Tiger, Harmon had helped Woods win 34 PGA Tour titles. He won three of US Amateur titles, eight majors, including the Tiger Slam in 2000 and 2001, where he owned all four major trophies simultaneously.

As a coach and student, the duo always teased each other in a friendly manner. In a recent Instagram post, Scratch has uploaded an interview video of Harmon, and it is getting viral mainly because of one reason.

Tiger Woods teasing Butch Harmon in between an interview
“If Tiger doesn’t leave me alone, I’m gonna hit him with his club.” That’s all Harmon had to say before Tiger went back to his position and practiced his shots.

tiger woods and son

Woods started teasing Butch when he was talking about his student’s form.

All along in the interview, Tiger did everything to make the interview funny. Although Woods went back to practicing, and the interview continued, it was evident that Tiger was concentrating more on the interview than on his practicing.

When Butch was explaining how Tiger’s arm posture became good after working so hard, Woods was portraying his old posture. Although the coach didn’t mind him in the back, Tiger tried hard to make Butch distracted.


Tiger Woods knows how to make people entertained. And now that we have watched this video of him teasing his coach, we want more. Let’s hope that Scratch, or others, has more of that in their archives to make 2022 a better year.