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LeBron James: Change must happen to improve High School Basketball



35-second shot clock rule could change the game

Alot of famous basketball players started out their careers while in high school, and international superstar and 4 time MVP player of the year, LeBron James, is no exception. This is why High School basketball is still very important to him, as he pushes both of his sons Bronny and Brice in the circuit as they forge their own paths in the cour


So to say he’s pretty vocal about what he thinks of the current state of the sport is an understatement, as LeBron’s name has a lot of weight as to what happens in it, even when it comes to regulations. This comes to attention after Coach Cam Joyce of Saint Ignatius High School in Cleveland took to Twitter to propose a 35-second shot clock for Ohio schools after the California tournament.

Not only did LeBron agree with him, but say that the change must happen now.


Adding those 10 seconds could make a big difference for young players, as they are still figuring the game out and would allow them to hone their skills in a different level. This could allow them to work on their offense and understand the game very differently.


The current norm in the NBA has set the clock at 24 seconds and it’s been like that for years, but things change, the game adapts, it’s part of the nature of basketball. As for the High School shot clock, nothing is official at the moment, but certainly the opinion of someone like LeBron James could steer officials in that direction.