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Tiger Woods’ Digital Footprint: How Many Social Media Followers Does He Have? (FB, Insta and Twitter)



Can you imagine a life without social media? To not keep up with the movements of your favorite stars and get the only information we can get from them firsthand. And well, it serves a greater purpose than just that, right? Tiger Woods, one of the world’s greatest golfers, too, blew up partly due to the power of the internet.

Tiger stormed into the limelight in the last decade of the twentieth century, smashing records and stunning the world with his insane skill-set. In less than a year after turning professional, he had managed to expand the scope of golf and had snagged the most lucrative deals from the world of sports.

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Along with this, as the online platform became more accessible and popularized, Tiger’s presence, too, increased in the global arena. Today, in addition to being one of the most popular sports stars, he has accumulated a massive and loyal fanbase. So, let’s see how his presence is on some of the most popular social media sites.

Tiger Woods’ presence on social media
By and large, there are three major and classic platforms where celebrities like to interact with the public; Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. However, the 15-time major champion is not the most active user. If we’re being lucky, he will post roughly once a week. Nevertheless, the engagement he manages to create on every single post is worthy of credit.


On Instagram, he boasts 2.8 million followers. still, he is not the most followed golf star. Paige Spiranac, former professional golfer social media personality, bags the top honors with a massive 3.2 million fan base


On Twitter, too, he is one of the most popular ones with 6.5 million followers. Moreover, on Facebook, he has 3.2 million followers. Tiger’s popularity, obviously stemming from his superb game, got a push by the internet and he now boasts off a top spot on the social media leaderboard