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David Ferrer: Rafael Nadal has chance to win Australian Open



2013 French Open runner-up David Ferrer believes Rafael Nadal has a shot at winning the Australian Open. Nadal, 35, ended his 2021 season in August to focus on recovering from a foot issue. Nadal has missed the last two Grand Slams but he is expected to return to Grand Slam action at Melbourne Park.

“At the moment, Djokovic is playing well and he is healthy, but I [also] think Rafael Nadal has a chance to win the Australian Open, for sure,” Ferrer told Sky Sports.

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Nadal wants more Grand Slam titles
Nadal returned to competitive action this month at the Mubadala World Tennis Championship in Abu Dhabi.

There, Nadal made it clear that he is still active because he wants more success — not because he wants more money or to play just for fun. “I still believe that I will be competitive enough to give myself chances to compete for the things that I have been competing for the last 15 years; if not, personally it doesn’t make sense,” Nadal said.

“I am not playing at all for money or just for fun, I am playing to keep achieving goals or at least to enjoy the process to try to achieve my goals. If then you don’t achieve, it’s fine, but the motivation and the passion is still there.”


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After losing to Andy Murray and Denis Shapovalov and finishing fourth in Abu Dhabi, Nadal didn’t want to confirm that he will 100 percent play the Australian Open. Nadal’s preparation for the 2022 season took a blow after Abu Dhabi as Nadal tested positive for COVID-19 upon his return to Spain.

“I’m having a few unpleasant moments but I hope to improve little by little. I am now confined at home and have reported the result to people who have been in contact with me,” Nadal said after testing positive. However, the positive news is that Nadal quickly recovered and that he has returned to the practice court.