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Leylah Fernandez, Elina Svitolina to highlight Monterrey player field



World No. 24 Leylah Fernandez, former world No. 3 Elina Svitolina and Russia’s Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova have all signed up to play Monterrey next year, per Tennis Up To Date. Fernnadez, 19, claimed her maiden WTA title in Monterrey earlier this year after beating Viktorija Golubic in the final.

Svitolina, now ranked at No. 15 in the world, won Monterrey in her tournament debut in 2020 but didn’t defend her title this year. Pavlyuchenkova is also no stranger to success in Monterrey as she is a four-time champion at the tournament.

leylah fernandez training

Fernandez will aim to defend her Monterrey title
Fernandez, who finished runner-up at the US Open, recently admitted she is still having hard time getting over the final defeat at Flushing Meadows. “I still can‘t accept that defeat, but I learned what I can teach the world and that I can play against the greats,” Fernandez told EFE, Hearing Fernandez having a hard time getting over the US Open final was somehow expected since she suggested that would be the case after the US Open fiinal.

“Well, right now it has sunk in. I am still disappointed. I think this loss, I’m going to carry it for a very long time. I think it will motivate me to do better in training, better for the next opportunity I get,” Fernandez said in her press after the US Open final defeat.


“But, no, I’m very happy with myself, with the way I competed, and the play I played, the way I acted on court the past two weeks. I’ve improved a lot not only tennis-wise but emotionally and mentally. “I’m happy.


Next year hopefully it will be just as good.”
Fernandez said her run was magical despite falling to win the title. Fernandez played only one tournament after the US Open as she decided to give her a bit more rest so she could have a strong offseason.