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Isiah Thomas explains just how physically dominant Michael Jordan was



Detroit Pistons legend Isiah Thomas put in perspective just how imposing and dominant Michael Jordan was in his prime. Check out what he said.

For years, people have debated whether Michael Jordan is the greatest player in NBA history. Some claim that his presence and dominance will never be matched, some believe that today’s competition is tougher.

Whatever is the case, no one can deny that Jordan was a god among men when he was in his prime. He may sure that no one else ate while he was at the top of the world, and never took the foot off the gas when he was winning.


Even Detroit Pistons legend Isiah Thomas, who was never a fan of Jordan’s, recently admitted that the Chicago Bulls star was so imposing and dominant that he made other players feel like high school kids.

Isiah Thomas Says Michael Jordan Treated Other Players Like High School Kids


“We used to go back and talk after. You be playing, and you actually think ‘we’ve done a good job’. And then you look at up at the scoreboard and the dude got like 39 or 40. Like damn, I thought we was doing alright. And then you get on the bus and you’re talking. And I remember saying this to you, I was like ‘I feel like sometimes he treatin’ us like we in high school’. Because he was that much bigger and much more athletic than we were,” Thomas said.

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Thomas Says LeBron James Is The GOAT, Not Michael Jordan

Even so, Thomas will never admit or believe that Jordan is the greatest to ever do it. Not so long ago, he told Shannon Sharpe that LeBron James is the most unique and best player in league history:

“We have never seen a player like this in the NBA,” Thomas said. “He (LeBron) breaks a record every single night just to remind you you’ve never seen anything like this before. When it’s all said and done, it’s going to be hard for people to look back and say ‘He (LeBron) wasn’t the best.’”

Regardless of who you think the GOAT is, there’s no need to compare players. They all ruled the league during their time and would most likely be as good in every era