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Tiger Woods Reveals the Why Lee Trevino is the Greatest Golf Ball Striker



Tiger Woods recently made his comeback after his solo car crash in February 2021. Woods competed at the 2021 PNC Championship with his son Charlie Woods last weekend and finished as runner-up while team Daly won the event with a historic score of -27. But, Tiger made an incredible impact on this event throughout the weekend.

Meanwhile, there were plenty of legends in the field, like Gary Player and Lee Trevino. Lee Trevino was one of the most prominent golfers on the tour and was one of the greatest golf ball strikers ever. And the 15-time major championship winner recently shared what makes Lee Trevino the best ball striker.


Tiger Woods shares what makes Lee Trevino the best golf ball striker
After completing round one of the 2021 PNC Championship, Tiger Woods gave a press conference. And there, he revealed the secret behind Lee Trevino’s incredible ball-striking ability. “I got a chance to be around Lee, quite a bit early in my career and to see the quality of strike, said Tiger. I mean, the guy’s 82 years old, come on, it’s not what it used to be, but he finds the middle of the face each and every time.”

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Tiger says even though Lee is old now, he still has that audio and shots. The sound of the club and the ball impact of Trevino are impeccable, is what Tiger thinks. However, it is the only thing that just doesn’t go as far as he would like, which is understandable. Tiger believes no one has controlled the golf ball better than Trevino.



“I mean the old Balata ball into the wind, the shots that he played and how he did it, and off that hardpan in Texas, and then it transferred to pretty much everywhere around the world. Just the audio people will sit there, just listen,” said Tiger.

Meanwhile, after the pro-am of the 2021 PNC Championship, Lee Trevino was seen sharing some tips with Tiger and his son Charlie about distance control with wedges. Even though Trevino is 82-years-old, he still has that feel and shots with him, and that’s why he was able to play some breathtaking shots last weekend.