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“This Makes No Sense”: Serena Williams Confused with Sister Venus’ Shopping Spree



Venus and Serena Williams are two of the greatest tennis players. They have won many laurels together and have taken the sport to a whole new level. Interestingly, both of them love hanging out with each other whenever they get some free time.

Both Venus and Serena Williams haven’t played professional tennis for quite some time now. However, fans are optimistic about their comeback and believe that they will make a return to the court at the Australian Open 2022. In the meanwhile, their adventures on social media keep their fans entertained.


Venus and Serena Williams go shopping together

In a recent video, one can see both Venus and Serena enjoying some shopping time. Interestingly, Serena became really shocked when she saw Venus buying some soaps and candles as the 7-time Grand Slam champion doesn’t live near her place. She seemed confused and even mentioned that it didn’t make any sense at all

“So, Venus loves to shop and like we are, she doesn’t live here but I’m like why are you buying this soap and candles and like… This makes no sense… Where are your pants? Is that a Murphy?” said Serena in the video.


Serena suddenly zoomed the camera on her sister’s legs and made a sarcastic comment. She pointed out that Venus was strangely not wearing her pants but was sporting a Murphy.

serena and sister

“I love you”- Serena to Venus

When both the sisters were done shopping, Serena showed a loving gesture and said, “I love you.” However, it was Venus’ reaction that really stole the show as she replied, “I am not sure anymore.”

It will be intriguing to see when will the Williams’ sister make a comeback on the court. Even though both are in their early forties, fans still believe that they have got a lot of tennis left inside them. Will the tennis world witness yet another Williams v Williams contest before they bid goodbye to the sport?