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‘I won’t be surprised if Roger Federer gives up very soon’, says expert



The athlete himself had practically announced it in recent weeks, but now the official status has arrived. Roger Federer will not be at the start in January at the 2022 Australian Open, which will, as always, be the first Grand Slam of the season.

The news was confirmed by the words of the organizers of the oceanic tournament and visually by the scoreboard of the currently registered, in which at the moment the participation of 49 players of the world top 50 (in fact, all except the Swiss champion) is expected.


Probably a painful decision, but the winner of 20 Major titles currently has no choice but to postpone his return to the field due to a knee injury, which has been rehabilitated longer than expected. At the age of 40, King Roger is slowly realizing all the difficulties of continuing to play and being competitive, but he does not lack the desire and determination to allow himself the last chances of his career.

The imperative of the Basel native this time was to proceed with recovery from physical problems with great calm and caution, precisely to avoid far worse consequences as soon as his body was ready to return to the ATP circuit.

The return is still uncertain, although (naturally) Federer will look to take part in the prestigious Wimbledon competition, now his second home. In Australia, therefore, there will be two players from the legendary Big Three, which has dominated the world tennis stage for a very long time, only now starting to leave something to young talents.


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Clarey speaks about Roger Federer

After reviewing the strong rivalry between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, Christopher Clarey, reporter for the New York Times, this time spoke about the long-awaited return of the Swiss scheduled for summer 2022.

But Christopher, who knows well Roger for having written a book about him, was not very optimistic. “Let’s be brutally honest, he’s doing his best to come back. I don’t think he will have the success he is looking for and I won’t be surprised if he gives up very soon.

But his last game ended in a straight set loss with a 6-0, and it’s not the last impression Roger wants to leave at Wimbledon. His chances of coming back to a very good level are slim. The competition is much stronger now.

But the love of the game still burns in him. And I know he wants to try to come back. But you should know that Roger has long laid the foundations of his career after tennis.”