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Roger Federer: for the end and the glory



As everyone now knows Roger Federer will come back on the court only in summer 2022: his participation in Wimbledon is still in doubt, as his future beyond the 2022 barrier is in doubt. Probably that will be the final expiration date of a product that has been of the best quality possible for nearly twenty years, delighting hordes of crowds and fans alike, in jubilation at his every shot.

These days there are comments from tennis, former tennis players and insiders about what will be in Roger’s future. The sporting twilight has inevitably arrived, and the farewell will be painful for everyone, for the aesthetes of the Game, for the lovers of pure crystalline class.

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Roger embodied the Game, becoming its messenger in time and space, expanding both. But nobody who talks about the Swiss really knows what his future will be, only Roger knows what Roger will do beyond 2022. And this is good.

Maybe he has already decided, maybe not. But already having the chance to see him again on the court at last time, that should already be a joy for all tennis lovers, who will still have the opportunity to admire Roger on the court.

Roger Federer: for the end and the glory
Tomas Berdych said one thing right during a recent interview: “Roger Federer maybe wants to get back on the pitch and make a decision, and if he’s going to play his latest tournament for his huge fan base around the world, but if he doesn’t it will be fine.


He has nothing to prove, so it’s up to him how he feels and how he wants to do it. Roger will do his best to prepare and have enough experience to know it won’t happen in a single tournament. But, without matches and being 40, it will be very difficult to judge his level.

Serena Williams with Roger Federer

If you’re halfway through your career and getting injured for six months and doing good preparation, you basically know what’s going to happen when you start playing. But I think in this situation he has to be mentally ready to know that it might just be a match, even if he did everything he could.

It’s not easy and then the young kids will be there and they won’t do them any favors.” The others who comment are just words and words. A thousand speeches, a thousand questions, too many thoughts. One thing is certain.

Roger Federer will be back on the court and the world of tennis awaits him with joy and excitement. Maybe, sportingly speaking, this is the end, but it will