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Serena Williams Clowns Kevin Durant For His Ashy Legs



KD will never be able to live this down.
The internet had a blast last week after a photo surfaced of Kevin Durant’s exposed leg during one of his basketball games. The Brooklyn Nets star appeared to have some of the ashiest legs possible, and former Boston Celtic Isaiah Thomas pointed it out to his Twitter followers.

This opened the flood gates for people to troll Durant, making tons of memes and insults, to which he responded by threatening to pull out his “‘y’all broke’ card.”

serena cried

After the dust had settled in this incident, tennis legend Serena Williams decided to reignite the slander, hilariously using cooking oil on her skin to avoid a KD-like fate. In a recent TikTok, Serena explained that she needs to take extra precaution, as she sprays Pam cooking oil on her legs: “The internet got me shook. I’m doing everything, just anything, not to be out there looking like my boy KD.”

Using cooking oil on your skin is actually an effective method of adding a layer of protection, while moisturizing it at the same time. Perhaps KD could actually employ this tactic so he can avoid a debacle like what happened last week.