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Serena Williams Shares ‘Rare Sighting’ of Her Father on Granddaddy Duties with Her Daughter



The ambitious father who turned his two daughters Venus and Serena Williams into tennis legends may start working on his granddaughter — when she comes of age. For now, he is being a motivating grandfather to the 4-year-old as she innocently continues to enjoy her childhood.

Serena, a 23-time Grand Slam winner, recently shared an Instagram photo of her daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., riding on the sidewalk on her bike with a helmet on. As Olympia — a junior after her father — continues to ride the bicycle around it appears Serena is not the only one recording the special moment.

Holding up his own phone to record, Richard Williams was showing true pride in his granddaughter’s accomplishment. “Go on girl; you are the best” he said when Olympia passed by him.

serena williams with father

“A rare sighting, the one and only G.O.A.T. still motivating … King Richard, but I call him daddy,” Serena wrote in the caption. While Richard Williams showed excitement over his granddaughter, many of Serena’s Instagram followers gave their complete attention to him. As she said in the caption, it’s not often she or her sister post their father on social media, so the short clip gave many of her fans much delight.

“Can we have more King Richard & Queen Oracene content please,” said one fan who also asked for her mother since she is rarely seen as well. “OMG Coach Williams is in the building,” wrote another. “This is the most adorable thing,” said a fan.


Serena WIlliams smiles

Someone else even predicted that Olympia’s grandfather may have a helping hand in building a successful career for her. “Created 2 champions! Maybe a 3rd in the making,” one said and another joked, “King Richard bout to turn her into a cyclist.”

Over the years, Richard, 79, has received plenty of praise but by Friday, Nov. 19, fans may be prepared to really give him his flowers. That’s the date for the release of “King Richard” a film that is executive produced by Serena and Venus, and will tell the reimagined story of how Richard’s ambition and wit laid the foundation for a successful legacy in tennis for his daughters. The movie releases in theaters and on HBO Max.