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Roger Federer’s Father Reveals Exciting News For Fans Ahead of Australian Open 2022



Fans were distraught when Roger Federer decided to end his 2021 season after Wimbledon. The Swiss Maestro is recovering from another knee surgery and will not play any more professional tennis matches for now. Interestingly, even his good friend, Rafael Nadal, will not feature in any more matches in the remaining part of the season. The Spaniard is currently healing himself from a foot injury.

As is to be expected, the buzz around Federer’s return is already increasing as the 2021 season draws to a close. Fortunately for the ‘RF’ faithful, his father has provided an optimistic update.

ROger Federer and parent

Roger’s Father reveals that Roger Federer is planning to make an incredible comeback
In a recent interview with Sky Sports, Federer’s father, Robert Federer, talked extensively about the Swiss Maestro. He disclosed that the 20-time Grand Slam champion is spending some quality time with his family right now. However, he mentioned that he is training daily and preparing to make a great comeback on the court next year.
“Roger feel[s] good, he enjoys time with the kids more, and family life. It’s also a big advantage to do this in between. He’s preparing himself, building up, and getting in good shape again. This is his aim. This is what he’s doing,” said Robert in the interview.

Robert highlighted that Federer’s aim is to get better, gain his shape again, and then return to the court. As a result, fans hope that the 40-year-old makes a great comeback at the Australian Open 2022.

Federer with family

In the same interview, Robert was asked how does it feel to be the father of a God. Intriguingly, he said that even though his fans refer to him as God, he will always be a son to him.
“I don’t have a feeling in that respect. Roger is for us, Roggie. Our son, and that is what he will stay, and that is what he is,” added the 75-year-old
Fans are eagerly waiting to witness Roger Federer back on the court. Will he be able to win yet another Grand Slam title before bidding goodbye to the sport?